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In this guide, you will learn:

what your type means,

your strengths,

your weaknesses,

and most importantly, how to IMPROVE to become an even more powerful manifestor.

We are natural manifestors and have the ability to create an ideal reality.

Your personal human design report is a compilation of information based on your zodiac, your human type, your intuitive design, and your position in the manifestation phases. The purpose of the reports is to indicate 4 major aspects of a person: who you are & who you are meant to be as well as your natural manifestation type & your position within the manifesting phases. .

Aspects 1 & 2, who you are & who you are meant to be, is determined by the zodiac report & used to factor in how close you are to matching the characteristics naturally associated with your zodiac. Those characteristics include the soul mission, intuition type, personality type, and natural abilities. This information identifies the level of connectedness one has to their birth traits and associated abilities.

Aspects 3 & 4, your manifestation type & position, are also determined according to your natal birth placement in addition to your position within the manifesting phases.

It's crucial to first establish who you are and how your type functions and communicates with spirit using the Human Design Report first. Once you are fully familiar and comfortable with this information and would like to know more, you can use your report as your guide throughout the class I will be hosting that breakdown all of these major aspects into detail and gives more information about the universal laws and how to work with them.

Human Design Report

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