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16 Week Guide to Manifesting your Desires

This Journal offers the perfect opportunity to set your intentions, solidify your position while strengthening, & identifying your needs, wants, and goals.

Experience what life is like free from limitations and with the ability able to soar beyond all boundaries & learn what can you do day to day to find this kind of inner peace and freedom!

Find intuitive answers to the questions that are most pressing to you whether that be the exploration of self and who you are, your love life, or your journey overall. This guide will transform you, your relationships, and the world around you.

Examples of Chapters Covered:
Grounding: How & Why
Astrology: Yours, How it affects your, Important Astrological Movements
Chakras: What they are, How they work
Who You Are: Defining
Guides & Angels: Who they are
Reality: Your Needs & Goals Only
Your Release: What your letting go of

16 Week Guide to Manifesting your Desires

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